LDOT is a learning disability Consultancy. Debbie is an independent OT who has specialised and practised in learning disabilities clinically for many years. She has in-depth knowledge and experience in both health and social care environments in supporting the LD population and staff teams in relation to an individuals health and social care needs.


LDOT can provide different levels of training to services and can tailor to meet your individual services needs. We can offer training for professionals, care providers and health and local authority teams in relation to:

  • Consent, mental capacity and best interest – your professional duties and informing your practice.
  • Increasing learning disabilities knowledge understanding, best practice and raising awareness of conditions and associated conditions.
  • Continuing health care. What you need to know about CHC and how to prepare for the assessment process.
  • Autism awareness
  • Sensory processing awareness and understanding sensory integration needs.
  • Moving and handling for people with LD.
  • Assessing for equipment in LD
  • Care planning/ risk assessment.
  • Seating training
  • Record keeping and effective documentation.

All training will be CPD evidenced with certificates.