Personal health budgets are being introduced by the NHS to help people manage their care in a way that suits them. They have been piloted in a number of places across England and since October 2014, adults receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare and children in receipt of continuing care have had a right to have a personal health budget.

Personal Health Budgets

As clinicians who really understand the continuing health care process, we believe we can offer expert case management in relation to personal health budgets and CHC for individuals who are CHC eligible.

Case management is be for the duration of CHC eligibility; case management ensures the recruited provider is getting things right. Case management also ensures needs are regularly monitored, re-assesses and makes referrals where necessary. Case management should not undertaken by a care provider.

Individuals who decide to utilise a personal health budget (PHB) once identified as eligible for CHC should be case managed for the duration of the personal health budget and CHC eligibility.

A personal health budget is an amount of money to support your identified health and well-being needs, planned and agreed between you and your local NHS team. The aim is to give people with long-term conditions and disabilities greater choice and control over the healthcare and support they receive.

Together with your NHS team you will develop a comprehensive care plan. The care plan sets out your personal health and wellbeing needs, the health outcomes you want to achieve, the amount of money in the budget and how you are going to spend it. You can use a personal health budget to pay for a wide range of items and services, including therapies, personal care and equipment. This will allow you more choice and control over the health services and care you receive.