Debbie is an independent OT who has specialised and practised in learning disabilities clinically. She has in-depth knowledge and experience in both health and social care environments in supporting the LD population and staff teams in relation to an individuals combined health and social care needs.

Continuing Healthcare

As a clinician who has specialised in Continuing healthcare both as a CHC
assessor and lead co-ordination roles she is suitably qualified to undertake independent assessment to attend the MDT in order to complete the DST accurately; LDOT offers CHC co-ordination for CCG’s or CSU’s where required. We offer impartiality, adherence and compliance to the national framework for CHC.

We are also able to offer legal services independent specialist clinical assessments to accurately inform the CHC assessment process on behalf of the client/ patient.
We pride ourselves with the level of expertise in relation to compliance and adherence to the CHC national framework.

As a therapist Debbie continue to strive towards excellence and understanding in relation to CHC and LD needs.  Regularly attending updates and training to maintain practice to the highest standard.