We are a learning disability partnership. Debbie and Rosie are both independent OTs who have specialised and practised in learning disabilities clinically and have formed a specialist LD partnership. We have in-depth knowledge and experience are both experienced in both health and social care environments in supporting the LD population and staff teams in relation to an individuals health and social care needs combined.

Best Interest Assessments

We can provide an independent best interest service for DoLS commissioners for clients who may be out of the funding local authorities own area.

We can offer a chair person service to best interest decisions to ensure adherence to the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Our best interest assessments are also extended to LA’s and CCG’s who are responsible to commission community deprivation of liberty safeguards for supported living or own home placements which require an application to the court of protection. We will complete the COP3 application on your behalf.

We provide best interest and mental capacity training to services who would like to increase their knowledge, understanding, application and practice.