We were contacted by a parent of a young learning disabled adult 20 years of age who has profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Since leaving children’s services the young adult had not received any new equipment to manage her needs.

Learning disability health services always advised they didn’t have a budget for equipment .

Adult social care OTs were not familiar with her needs and not specialist in LD health physical needs. Mother advised she had on two occasions ended up with the wrong slings after waiting long periods of time for slings to arrive.

Mom had decided it was easier to self fund slings as it was simpler.

She approached us for information as replacement slings were needed and she felt alternative slings were now required as she had heard of newer models.

We advised and explained we were independent and they assessment fees would be incurred.

Mom agreed with this as she felt she needed specialise LD specific professional prompt assessment.

Assessment identified alternative slings that would manage moving and handling easier and safer.

We were not only able to advise mom and recommend the correct slings we were also able to inform her in relation to funding and who was actually responsible for purchasing to avoid using her own funds.

Our client received a prompt specialist assessment and also did not need to self fund slings.

The only costs incurred were the assessment costs.

We were able to provide mom with a professional report that evidenced equipment was for health related needs and this was used to ensure the right funding body paid.

There was no need for additional assessment as our assessment report gave the recommendations.

We also arranged quotes from the company to be submitted with the report to ensure exact specification was ordered.


  • Prompt assessment
  • Alternative correct equipment identified
  • Avoided self funding equipment
  • Professional report provided
  • No waiting times
  • Quotes obtained


  • Cost of OT Assessment