We were approached by Chc, Who requested a 2nd opinion in relation to a clients seating needs.

Initial assessment by Chc seating assessor identified no seating needs for client.

Clients family had challenged this outcome and requested 2nd opinion via their MP.

A specialist comprehensive seating assessment was completed – this involved physical examination as part of the assessment and trialled seating.

this identified complex seating needs.

Professional Report was sent to Chc and family.

Outcome for client
Seating funded by Chc/Ccg following specific recommendations


  • Ccg/ Chc and client received an independent objective professional opinion
  • Right outcome – evidence for family and Ccg
  • Right funding stream – Ccg funded
  • Clients postural needs were met efficiently
  • No waiting times
  • Avoided legal challenge
  • No cost for assessment to family who had exercised the clients rights
  • Other needs identified and outlined in the assessment report which Ccg had to meet


  • Cost of OT assessment to the Ccg